1917 is a 2019 film directed by Sam Mendes, starred by George McKay and Dean-Charles Chapman.

The action takes place in Germany during the first world war. The main characters are William and Bla. On April 6, 1917 it seems that the German army is retreating, 

but the aerial reconnaissance discovers that it is a trap. William and Blake must deliver a message with orders to cancel an attack of more than 1600 British soldiers before the sunrise. Will the two soldiers friends make it?

This is a film about how much suffering there was during those years, especially for the loss of family and friends. The photography is very particular, there are only three official cuts, the soundtrack matches perfectly with the movie scenes.

It is a moving, exciting and engaging film, I really liked it.

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Would you like to time-travel and live a piece of the First World War? This is the perfect film for you!

“1917” is a war film set in the First World War produced and directed by Sam Mendes. The story is about Blake and Schofield, two young British corporals, that receive a mission order: they have to cross the enemy lines and deliver a very important message that could save the life of thousands of people that want to attack the German army. The order that they have to deliver is really important for Blake because his brother is one of those soldiers who have to attack.

The film is a unique shooting that has only two official cuts. It has a perfect balance between silent scenes and scenes with dialogues. This film, beyond being about the horror of war, is also about important themes: the one to be carried out is a rescue mission motivated by emotional and familiar reasons, but also the friendship in this case plays a fundamental role and helps this mission to be completed.

The film is really engrossing, making you live as if you were in the story and making you live the two guys’ friendship and their love for their families; it makes you know how they felt and how living the war was, a definitely recommended film!

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1917 is a very curious film from a scenographic point of view ,in fact it is almost all about a single shot, there are only two or three official cuts.
The film is set during World War I, more precisely in 1917 when the British were preparing an attack against the Germans.

In the film you can see what life was like in the trenches: it was hard to move because there was little room, you did not have the hygiene you had in normal houses, there were no comforts that we believe essential.

During the shooting you notice a few dialogues to leave more room for the background music that, for any scene, is always perfect compared to the emotion you feel at that time.
The shots are fast and move together with the actors, the latter are rarely seen  close up, but they also have emotions and feelings.
The film is full of special effects both sound and visual as flames and rumble bullets.

I recommend this film to those who want to understand more about the  First World War but also to those who like adventure and twists. During the shooting you can note few dialogues to leave more room for the background music that, for any scene, is always perfect compared to the emotion you feel at that moment.

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